About Us

Our Company

Green Bee was started as a way to help people connect with the outside world and make choices that help everyone around. While we are still a starting company, our goal is to provide reliable, 
fair, organic, ethically harvested ingredients to all of our products.
This stands in mind with our mission of 
a greener future for everyone. 

Our Roots

Our journey began with a vision to transform the way we interact with the natural world and harness its gifts for our well-being. We took root in the heart of Vermont, a state known for its pristine beauty and commitment to sustainable living.

Starting as a hemp farm, we gained notoriety after getting 2nd place in the Vermont Headies, but like other farmers, soon found that our cost to manufacture a pound vs what we were selling for was not economical. Now with the legalization of Pot we found the perfect haven to cultivate and nurture our dream of providing high-quality, locally-grown, and environmentally-friendly cannabis products.

   We embrace the responsibility of being stewards of the environment. Our cultivation practices prioritize sustainability, using eco-friendly methods to ensure a minimal carbon footprint and a healthier planet.

Our sister company: Green Bee Farms Inc. (greenbeefarms.org)is a nonprofit focused on regenerative agriculture, looking at how to improve our outputs, using local inputs. 

Our vision is rooted in a world where the cultivation of cannabis harmonizes with nature, benefiting both the Earth and its inhabitants. We strive to be a beacon of innovation, paving the way for sustainable cannabis cultivation practices that prioritize environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we transform the landscape of wellness, one green step at a time.

Welcome to Green Bee Pharms – Where Nature Meets Nurture.

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