About Us

Our Company

Green Bee was started as a way to help people connect with the outside world and make choices that help everyone around. While we are still a starting company, our goal is to provide reliable, 
fair, organic, ethically harvested ingredients to all of our products.
This stands in mind with our mission of 
a greener future for everyone. 

Meet our farms

Our farms are certified Organic and continue to raise the bar on Hemp.

Lilac Ridge

Brattleboro, Vt

We’ve teamed up with Lilac Ridge as our main partner farm. It was here that Green Bee Pharms really got off the ground with there hemp projects. 

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Lexington, KY

This is where we get most of our full spectrum distillate from. Partners since being roomates in Boulder, Colorado.


This could be your Farm!

biological farms, USA

We’re always looking for new suppliers. If your farm is certified organic, give us a ring in our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to your shortly. 

Interested? Check out our collection!

Here you’ll find products made from the finest ingredients including bath bombs, flowers, and tinctures